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A Slashie Threesome Fruits Basket Community!

8/15/08 10:59 am - ikkleruby - Ooh, a post!

I know this isnt strictly what this community is about - but i'm so excited about it - & I think the people here will appreciate it - and it's been SO long since anyone has posted here, so I thought I would share!

It's my new tattoo - it's on my leg & my boyfriend did it for me, so it's extra special :)

Kyo & YukiCollapse )

10/3/06 12:36 pm - damngenkiusagi - furuba fuh q comm

Hi! I'm fairly new to the comm, but not to the fandom. Fruits Basket continues to be one of my all-time fave anime and manga.

Anyway! I have this idea for a writing community (although un-original I must admit), which will be centered around Furuba of course! But I want to know what people here think first; and if we have enough willing writers and artists to take it on. :) Are you ready?

Furuba Fuh-Q
I've seen this done before, the original was for Bleach; but now there are a few more, such as fma_fuh_q and gravi_fuh_q. I'm not promoting these communities, but if anybody's curious about what this challenge entails, you can visit their comms.

But basic idea is: every month, there will be a featured character from Fruits Basket and he/she will be paired off to all the other characters.

Example: October = Ayame
Ayame x Kyou
Ayame x Yuki
Ayame x Shigure
etc etc...

People will have to claim a pair and will either have to write or draw for that pair. No themes, no nothing, just the featured character and the other character he/she is paired with and your imagination.

What do you guys think?

7/28/06 03:45 pm - suqua

You know...


I never thought this community would have members. o.o

But it does.


4/5/06 08:12 pm - snowcameintoday

I totally just found this community and I'M SO HAPPY THERE'S ONE OUT THERE! I love the three of them together!

This is a threesome I found on fanfiction.net, part of this story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2820592/1/ lossa smut in that story, it's slightly ridiculous.

Title: I'm Hooked
By: Lady Tzahra
Pairing: Yuki/Haru/Kyo
Raiting: NC-17

11/8/05 08:59 pm - ikkleruby

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most amazing threesome EVER!!!!


I love those guys


7/29/05 01:21 pm - soulsanctum - RARE FB KYO Plushie!!

Check out my e-bay auction for a Kyo plushie, and i'm not talking about a stuffed cat I called Kyo. It's a real UFO catcher plushie of the one and only Sohma Kyo! Straight from Japan to your house, this plushie could be yours!

Kyo plushie!! Check it out!!

7/5/05 05:33 pm - the_smirker

squeeeeeeeee! o. my. god. sigh... this mke me happy... haru *squeek*! yuki *double squeek*! kyo *triple squeek*! and all of them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hapy hasppy happy.....

6/26/05 11:22 pm - renabunny42

A new FB Crack!RP, x-posted like woah

One day the Jade Emperor decided to hold a banquet and all the animals were invited. But the Cat was deceived by the Rat, thus he missed the banquet. And because he missed it the Cat was excluded from the zodiac and became the bitter enemy of the Rat that have deceived him.....

This legend has important meaning for the Sohma family since for the past hundreds of years a select few of them have been under a curse that when they are embraced by a member of the opposite sex or grow weak they transform into a animal from the zodiac.

But when Tohru Honda comes into their lives it looks like things are about to change, hopefully for the better.

However it looks like the winds of change have come again when doubles of everyone start to appear. Once more these doubles seem to act completely different from the originals. There are even rumors that the doubles of the cursed ones turn into different animals from their counterparts....


omg_fb is a brand new OMG run by renabunny42 and slytherinblack based on the hit manga and anime Fruits Basket. Your first week you may play any one(1) free character from the huge cast of Furuba be it Tohru herself to one of the Yuki Fangirls. Your second week of playing if you so choose, you may pick a second character to play, two(2) being the maximum a person may play.

The full rules are at this page and a list of taken character is here.
Once you have read all of the rules all applications should be posted here.

We hope to see you take part of what is sure to be a fun RP ^^

12/20/04 04:46 pm - suqua


this is a shock to me....

someone joined............ o-o

And I thought this little backwater community would never have a member


*pops noisemaker, then dies of shock*

11/27/04 01:14 am - suqua - MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

My hour long dream has come true! Its a REAL coommunity for my favie anime threesome!!! ^_^_^_^



I hope people join.... V_V
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